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Assuring Swarms

Conference: Verification Futures 2019 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Prof Colin O’Halloran, D-RisQ Ltd
Presentation Title: Assuring Swarms
Abstract: An autonomous vehicle individually has to comply with its behavioural Specification and a swarm comprising a collection of autonomous vehicles has to comply with the behavioural specification for the swarm.  This presents a very large state space to be verified.

This talk will cover how we have approached the verification of both aspects while meeting standards such as DO-178C/DO-333 using formal methods.

Speaker Bio: Prof O’Halloran is an international authority on critical software and systems.  He has recently been appointed to the BCS Academy Research Committee.  He has led a number of teams in the development and use of formal methods based techniques.

He was the UK representative on the Ariane V Board of Inquiry (and he found the problem) and led the team that undertook the fully independent verification of the Typhoon flight control system software as well as verification of a further 15 or so systems.  Colin is now the Technical Director at D-RisQ where he leads the development of a suite of verification tools for English requirements through design code on object code as well as significant tooling for cyber security.

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