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V&V Challenges for Urban Autonomous Vehicles

Conference: Verification Futures 2018 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: John Redford, Chief Architect & VP Perception, Five AI
Presentation Title: V&V Challenges for Urban Autonomous Vehicles
  • The near infinite variation in the environment and the behaviour of other agents in urban streets
  • Achieving and measuring the very low failure rates required.
  • The difficulty of verifying systems containing AI/ML based components
Speaker Bio: John Redford is co-founder, Chief Architect & VP Perception of Five AI, a venture funded start-up dedicated to delivering safe autonomous shared EV transport to Europe’s cities.

Previously he was Director Engineering and Distinguished Engineer at Broadcom, a communications semiconductor company, where for 15 years he led and worked on areas including operating systems, processor design and verification, software tools and 3G and multi-media signal processing. He holds 6 issued patents in these areas.

Prior to that John co-founded and was VP Systems & Software Element 14, a fabless semiconductor start-up. Element 14 raised $13M from VCs and was acquired by Broadcom for $640M. The technology Element 14 developed has continued on within Broadcom and has become the dominant central office DSL technology world-wide.

Element 14 was a spin out from Acorn Computers, where John was appointed CTO in 1998 having joined as a Senior Software Engineer in 1988. During his time there he led technology developments such as the PC Emulator, Online Media, Oracle’s Network Computer and the SA1500 multi-media processor.

Over the years, John has also provided software consultancy for a number of start-up including Neul and Origami Energy. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

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