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AI for Coding

Conference: Verification Futures 2018 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Darren Royle, Development Team Lead, Diffblue
Presentation Title: AI for Coding
Abstract: More and more of the world’s business and public services are running on software – from obvious fields like communication and banking, to newer areas of transportation and health care, making us reliant on software for critical parts of our lives. As a result, bad software can cause damage to all of us, whether it be financially or even physically, and our need for robust and reliable testing is as crucial as it has ever been. I’d like to highlight some of these areas where we at Diffblue believe an AI agent can be of massive benefit, and how we are integrating into a range of different software development methodologies and approaches. Automating part of the test writing process can facilitate more robust and secure software whilst increasing the pace of development. I would like to show how this translates to everyday development practices.

Three key topics covered:

  • Artificial Intelligence in software testing
  • Self writing code
  • Unit testing
Speaker Bio: Darren is a classical ‘full-stack’ web developer, having implemented and managed huge SaaS applications for almost 15 years within the educational field. Today he leads the integration team within Diffblue, bringing ‘AI for code’ to the web and providing seamless integration into developers workflows and development lifecycles.
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