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Functional safety for the world of Autonomous and Zonal

Conference: Verification Futures 2023 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker: Madhusudan Rao
Presentation Title: Functional safety for the world of Autonomous and Zonal
Abstract: Vehicles have many safety relevant requirements in the ASIL B category which can be achieved through different topographies. The latest generation of Arm Automotive application processors comes with built-in Hybrid mode hardware capabilities which can be leveraged together with Software Test Libraries to address ASIL B system level requirements. Join us in this session to learn how these features help to address your ASIL B requirements in ADAS, Cockpit and Zonal
Speaker Bio: Madhusudan Rao, Leads the Functional safety Product Management activities at Arm. He has about 16 years of experience in deploying safety in tier-1s and Semiconductors. He has worked on various vehicle level segments including powertrain, Body control, ADAS and cockpit and instrument cluster across geographies.
Key Points:
  • Why Functional safety?
  • What are the challenges in deployment for the vehicle of future?
  • How is Arm enabling it?
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