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Technology trends in PCB Design and Manufacturing

Conference: Tessolve Technology Symposium
Speaker: Vijay Anandan
Presentation Title: Technology trends in PCB Design and Manufacturing

This talk is focused on key trends for PCB Design and Manufacturing in the next 3 to 5 years. With increased data rate, the challenges to design, simulate and manufacture PCBs have increased exponentially. Despite these challenges, Semiconductor companies wants more test sites in ATE PCBs to reduce Test time and cost which further increases the PCB complexity. Tessolve PCB team, with Center of Excellence initiatives, already started to work on these trends and have positive results in the Automation area to reduce Cycle time and improve Quality.

Key Points

  • 5G and High Speed PCB Layout and Manufacturing
  • Increased Parallelism in ATE PCB
  • Automation & AI in PCB Design
Speaker Biography:

Vijay Anandan is Director for PCB engineering at Tessolve, India. He has more than 17 years of industry experience as a PCB Designer, Field Application Engineer, and Design manager. He has designed highly complex ATE test boards for top semiconductor companies and system boards for digital, mixed, power management and RF applications.

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