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Best Conference Papers from 2022

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Best Conference Papers from 2022
Speaker: Roberto Ignacio Genovese,Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Spain
Speaker Title: Reusable Verification Environment for a RISC-V Vector Accelerator

We present a reusable verification environment developed for the verification of an academic RISC-V based vector accelerator that operates with long vectors. In order to be used across diverse projects, this infrastructure intends to be independent of the interface used for connecting the accelerator to the scalar processor core.

We built a verification infrastructure consisting of a Universal Verification Environment (UVM) which is capable of validating the design performing co-simulation of the vector instructions. Moreover, we provided a set of tests and an automated test generation, simulation and error reporting infrastructure. In this presentation we share our experience on verifying a complex accelerator used in two distinct projects, with different interfaces.

Key Points:

  • Verification
  • Vector Processor
Speaker Biography: R. Ignacio Genovese is a research engineer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).
He received his Master of Science in Electrical and Computer engineering degree from Portland State University (USA) in 2020, as a Fulbright scholar.
His research interests include digital design verification methodologies and high performance computer architectures.


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