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Driver Development

31-03-2023 16:49:14

Tessolve Semiconductor Private Limited


Regular Employee - Probation

Lead Engineer

  • Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (TESIN-EC)

3 - 10 years

Position: Driver Development

Experience: 3+  years.

Location – Bangalore.

Tessolve Semiconductors a venture of Hero Electronix, part of $5B Hero Group companies a Design and Test Engineering Service Company providing End to End Solutions from Product Engineering, Software, Hardware, Wireless, Automotive and Embedded Solutions. Currently we are 2500+ employees worldwide.

We are Global Multi- National Company having Engineering and Sales presences in India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe, and China. Tessolve has strategic and sustainable growth plan to ensure the business stability to our valued customers and to protect the career of our employees even under disturbed Business situations.


Candidate must have 3+ years of experience in Linux / Android / QNX device driver development

Demonstrated Embedded System software development experience in device drivers and board-support packages for complex SoCs

Working experience on board bring up activities

Strong working knowledge of operating systems like QNX, Linux, Android and other RTOSs - Good knowledge of Microprocessors / Microcontrollers / ARM MPU (ARMv7/ARMv8) architectures

- Working experience with version control tools like GIT and development workflow tools like JIRA - Hypervisor knowledge would be an added preference

1. System Device Driver Developer :

Core kernel, CPU, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, DMA Device Driver and related protocols


2. Camera Device Driver Developer :




3. Connectivity Device Driver Developer 

Ethernet, PCIe, USB Device Derivers and related protocols

4. Video/OMX Device Driver Developer 

Working knowledge on OpenMax-IL, GStreamer, Codec2 and Android multimedia frameworks Knowledge on V4L2, VB2 frameworks 3) Knowledge on video decoders like H264, HEVC, VP9 and other codecs


5. Display Device Driver Developer 

Working knowledge of display peripherals and display protocols

 Working knowledge of Linux / QNX Display device drivers

 Knowledge of Middleware and standard frameworks for display


6. Audio Firmware / Device Driver Developer 

 Working knowledge on ALSA and QNX Sound Architecture, Audio Algorithms such as Equalizer, delay, post-processing, expert knowledge of DSP RTOS, and Computer architecture related concepts such as caching, DMA, MMU, Knowledge of xtensa DSP architecture, Assembly coding, performance benchmarking of algorithms,  Experience in Audio weaver would be a plus point