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Java Developer

29-04-2024 15:09:56

Tessolve Semiconductor Private Limited


Regular Employee - Probation

Software Engineer

  • Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (TESIN-EC)


Position:  Java Developer

Experience: 0-2 years.

Location – Bangalore.

Tessolve Semiconductors a venture of Hero Electronix, part of $5B Hero Group companies a Design and Test Engineering Service Company providing End to End Solutions from Product Engineering, Software, Hardware, Wireless, Automotive and Embedded Solutions. Currently we are 2500+ employees worldwide.

We are Global Multi- National Company having Engineering and Sales presences in India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe, and China. Tessolve has strategic and sustainable growth plan to ensure the business stability to our valued customers and to protect the career of our employees even under disturbed Business situations.


 Proficiency in Java, with a good understanding of its ecosystems

Sound knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Patterns and Concepts

Familiarity with different design and architectural patterns

Skill for writing reusable Java libraries 

Knowhow of Java concurrency patterns

Basic Understanding of the concepts of MVC (Model-View-Controller) Pattern, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), and RESTful web services

 Experience in working with popular web application frameworks like Play and Spark

Relevant Knowledge of Java GUI frameworks like Swing, SWT, AWT according to project requirements

 Ability to write clean, readable Java code

 Basic knowhow of class loading mechanism in Java

Experience in handling external and embedded databases

Understanding basic design principles behind a scalable application


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