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Test Engineer (Silicon Validation Engineer 1) - Fresher 2023

22-04-2024 15:49:11

Tessolve Semiconductor Private Limited

Test Engineering

Regular Employee - Confirmed

Test Engineer 1

  • Asilmetta, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India (TESIN-VIZ)
  • Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (TESIN-EC)



Tessolve SemiconductorPrivate Limited


Test Engineering


Regular Employee -Confirmed


Test Engineer


·        Asilmetta, Vishakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh, India (TESIN-VIZ)

·        Electronic City, Bengaluru,Karnataka, India (TESIN-EC)


Kindlyfind the below JD for your reference :


JobRole: Test Engineer – Semi ConductorElectronics Background  ( Fresher ) – FTE/Trainee/Interns.


JobDescription:As a Test engineering, the candidate will be largely Involved in variousconversion / NPI projects & Responsible to bring up devices on new ATEplatform which includes working with a team in providing Hardware Design andTest program development and solutions for complex Analog/Power/Mixed Signal/Digital SOC Semiconductor ICs on leading ATE systems.


GoodKnowledge, Practical outlook & understanding of Basic Electronicsfundamentals (Analog / Digital) components, network analysis & circuittheory is a must.

•Familiar using all common electronic bench equipment like oscilloscope, DMM,logic analyser efficiently a must.

• C-programming is a good / must have or any other programming language knowledgeis an added advantage.

•Proactive and keen to explore and learn and interested to work in TestEngineering domain of semiconductor IC industry.

• Goodverbal and written English communication skill.


To honeyour skills and get test ready to make career break as Test Engineer in toTessolve, below are some areas to prepare.

Electronics& Programming

•Resistor, Capacitor, Inductors UOM | V & I – Characteristics- viz linear,lagging , leading , response with time and frequency | towards DC and ACsignals.

•Network & Circuit theory – Problem solving with passive & DC Powersources |Voltage divider / Current divider circuits and problem solving |Passive components in parallel / serial -problem solving

• Diode,Transistors, Opamp |-Types, Applications and its working principle -when to usewhat and how that works (clamp , clipper , protection etc., )

•Transistor ( pnp / npn ) Characteristics & working principal | CE,CB,CCmodes and advantages| FET,CMOS | Simple transistors circuits – problem solving(given gain /beta/ hfe )

• LinearIC – Opamps, Regulators, working principal, application and problem solving-inverting and non-inverting, positive feedback and negative feedback., summer,integrator, differentiator etc.,

• Filtercircuits –Active and passive LPF, HPF waveform and its working 

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