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Functional Safety Verification for Automotive Radar SOC’s

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Ensuring my Design Verification is ISO26262 Compliant
Speaker: Sarvesh Patankar, NXP Semiconductors
Speaker Title: Functional Safety Verification for Automotive Radar SOC’s

As complexity of E/E systems /ADAS grows, tremendous onus has been placed on semiconductor manufacturers to design IC’s which are compliant to ISO26262. The ISO26262 standard places stringent conditions on functional verification of safety mechanisms as well as quantifying effectiveness of safety mechanisms. It also places a tremendous onus on the process being followed. Verification that we do along with traceability of data from reqs to tickets to capturing of evidence will hold us in good stead when safety assessments are done for the IC under development.

Key Points:

  • Safety Verification
  • Traceability
  • Safety Assessments
Speaker Biography:

Working in NXP semiconductors since 2012. Work on SOC Verification in product line Radio Frequency Processing , on automotive radar IC’s. Primary area of focus has been Functional safety for the past 4 years . Responsible for functional safety verification both at SOC & subsystem level. Certified Functional Safety Engineer from TUV SUD. Have also worked on Formal Verification extensively.


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