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Faster TB Development with Automated Code Checks

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Automated Verification Checks
Speaker: Pushkar Kumar, Synopsys
Speaker Title: Faster TB Development with Automated Code Checks
Abstract: Syntactical and structural errors are the most common human errors which consume a significant amount of time in testbench development and requires iterative compilation of the code and a lot of rework to eliminate these issues. This talk will emphasize on the need of on-the-fly checking of testbench code during development.Key Points:
  • Avoiding Testbench errors with fast on-the-fly SVTB/UVM checking.
  • Coding acceleration, code viewing and navigation, integration with version control, bug tracking, task management.
  • Easy adoption of coding styles and project methodology.
Speaker Biography: I am an Application engineer at Synopsys with an experience of 11 years in IP and SoC verification, related EDA technologies and customer support.


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