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Ensuring my Design Verification is ISO26262 Compliant

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Ensuring my Design Verification is ISO26262 Compliant
Speaker: Sundararajan Ananthakrishnan, Cadence Design Systems
Speaker Title: Ensuring my Design Verification is ISO26262 Compliant

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and autonomous and electric vehicles are some of the fastest-growing applications in the automotive industry. Today’s vehicles are now moving toward new vehicle architectures to address the compute and in-vehicle networking bandwidth requirements. This will drive complex and consolidated electronic control units (ECUs) running at giga-Hertz frequencies that need to be designed and optimized for scalability, performance, power efficiency, thermal, and EMI robustness.

The greater technological complexity, software content and mechatronic implementation come with greater risks of systematic hardware failures, which are produced by human error during system development’s 26262 provides guidance on how to minimize risks by prescribing requirements and processes.

The ISO 26262 is an Automotive Functional Safety standard which provides safe lifecycle for an automotive and offers provision of customization as per requirement. This covers the Functional Safety aspects integrated in the entire development phase like Specifications, Design, Implementation, Integration, Verification, Validation and Configuration, which results into an automotive specific risk management system that ensures sufficient and acceptable level of safety.

Why ISO 26262?

The International Standards Organization (ISO) states the following: ISO 26262 is intended to be applied to safety-related systems that include one or more electrical or electronic (E/E) systems and that are installed in series production passenger cars. ISO 26262 addresses possible hazards caused by malfunctioning behavior of E/E safety-related systems, including interaction of these systems. In this Seminar you’ll learn how Industry’s leading Functional Safety Verification Solution ensures that your design verification is 100% ISO 26262 compliant and also how it automates the overall verification processes to reduce your ISO 26262 compliance effort by 50%

Key Points:

  • Why IS0 26262
  • Challenges in ensuring DV compliance for ISO 26262
  • FMEDA driven Safety verification flow
Speaker Biography:

Sundararajan is a AE Director/Architect at Cadence design systems, systems verification group and is responsible for Cadence cutting edge advanced Verification Solutions. Sundararajan is a seasoned professional with around 24 years of experience in design & verification space and throughout his career he has been involved in numerous IP/SoC projects collaborating with the Top Semiconductor companies worldwide and is an Industry forerunner in collaborating and providing the advanced AI/ML based DV solutions.


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