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Best Conference Papers from 2022

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Best Conference Papers from 2022
Speaker: Dr. Holger Busch, Infineon Technologies
Speaker Title: Efficient Methodology for Mutation-Coverage-Collection of Formal-Property-Checking

This talk discusses the significance of mutation-coverage-based approaches for assessing and attaining completeness of formal-property sets and fulfilling sign-off criteria, highlights difficulties to which formal-verification is more exposed than simulation, but also shows how specific strengths of a formal tool are exploited in an efficient automated coverage collection methodology which handles even biggest designs verified by formal-property-checking.

Key Points:

  • Mutation coverage.
  • formal property completeness.
  • automated fault detection.
Speaker Biography: Studied Electrical Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Germany; PhD from Brunel University of West London; Worked at Siemens central research and Infineon Technologies; decades of experience in Formal Methods, digital design,
automotive safety; areas of interest: EDA, digital hardware design and verification, formal methodologies, functional safety, verification automation.
Holds several patents. Current position: Principal Engineer Formal Verification


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