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Big Data in Verification: Making Your Engineers Smarter

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Improving Verification: Case Studies from the US
Speaker: Alan Pippin, VLSI Design & Verification Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Abstract: Big Data is getting a lot of press these days but does it really apply to ASIC verification efforts? HPE has found that it does apply and can be instrumental in helping make smarter decisions. In this paper, we will share our view of using Big Data concepts in the ASIC verification domain, highlighting several specific examples of how easy it is for the audience to get started with their own Big Data analysis. We will also share our ideas on where we see larger Big Data opportunities being able to help our verification efforts in the future.
Speaker Biography: Alan Pippin received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University. He has been working in design and verification for 18 years. His experience spans across web design, systems IT support, database engineering, embedded software development, hardware design, and FPGA and ASIC design and verification. For the last 18 years, he has been at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where, as an Expert Technical Lead, he helps lead design and verification teams in delivering verified block IP.
His lab develops ASIC chips for use in a variety of HPE products, including the HPE Superdome class of supercomputers and HPE’s ProLiant servers. He is part of the engineering team that is developing technologies that are driving a new class of memory-driven Exactable Supercomputers.


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