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Meeting Functional Safety Requirements for Automotive Applications

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Automotive Safety and ISO26262
Speaker: Adam Sherer, System Verification Account Technical Executive, Cadence Design Systems
Abstract: The quest for autonomous driving, or a subset of it, is exponentially increasing the compute power required for automotive SoCs, and with it, the functional safety requirements. Key components of systems dedicated to a variety of applications need to meet different ASIL metrics. This presentation will describe the flows, methodologies and some design techniques needed to satisfy functional safety requirements for several automotive applications.
Speaker Biography: Adam Sherer is a System Verification Account Technical Executive at Cadence. His 27 years of experience in verification and software engineering also includes roles in product management, applications engineering, Accellera Standards development, and R&D. Adam received his MS EE from the University of Rochester, with research published in the IEEE Transactions on CAD. His BS EE and BA CS were received from SUNY Buffalo. He also holds a 2017 patent in verification technology.


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