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Formal Verification

Formal Verification


Formal Verification can help you find bugs earlier in the design cycle and accelerate root cause analysis. But success with Formal requires the effective selection and implementation of the latest formal technologies and methods. The Tessolve consultants are experts in all aspects of Formal verification and have a wealth of experience helping organisations implement Formal effectively through both training and consultancy and project implementation.

Formal Verification Training

The Tessolve Formal Verification training courses help our clients to understand:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of Formal verification
  • Easy wins using Formal verification “apps”, such as SoC integration, CDC, X propagation, and automated checks
  • “Assertions for designers” whereby designers learn to write and prove assertions as part of the design process
  • Use of assertions to hunt for bugs using formal
  • How to prove critical system properties

Formal Strategy Consultancy

Tessolve offer a range of consultancy services that help our clients to:

  • Understand how to integrate formal verification into a dynamic, simulation-based verification strategy
  • Exploit the strengths of formal and avoid the weaknesses
  • Apply “AHAA” (Bug Avoidance, Hunting, Absence and Analysis)
  • Identify key metrics to measure success of formal and dynamic integration

Tessolve Formal Verification Services

Two recent projects highlight the tessolve approach to Formal Verification:

Development of a Formal Verification Strategy

  • Tessolve spent 5 weeks with a major IP supply company to help them develop their formal verification strategy
  • The resulting “AHAA” strategy allowed the client to fully identify where and how best to deploy formal

Full Formal Verification of an IP Block

  • Tessolve spent 4 months with ST Microelectronics to fully formally verify a power controller block
  • Tessolve engineers first developed a set of constraints and properties, and then proved all of the properties
  • Metrics were used to measure completeness of the formal verification
  • New bugs (not found in simulation) were uncovered

The Tessolve Advantage

  • The Tessolve formal experts each have over 15 years’ experience.
  • Tessolve understand how to integrate formal and dynamic verification.
  • The Tessolve formal experts each have over 15 years’ experience.
  • Tessolve understand how to integrate formal and dynamic verification.

Formal Verification Boot Camp

A 2-day Formal Verification boot camp is available for design and verification engineers looking to enhance their knowledge of formal verification and to learn how to write effective assertions to find and fix bugs. The course is a mix of presentations and hands-on development exercises.

Mike 4

Mike Bartley
Senior Vice President, VLSI Design

Formal Leadership

Mike Bartley (Tessolve, Senior Vice President, VLSI Design) completed his PhD in Mathematics in 1988 and has continuously worked on the Formal verification of both hardware and software. Mike maintains a passion for Formal verification, has vast experience of using formal in the verification of a wide variety of designs and continues to drive Formal initiatives at Tessolve.

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