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An Emulation Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Designs

Conference: DVCLUB Europe | Verification of AI Designs
Speaker: Gabriele Pulini, Product Marketing Manager, Mentor a Siemens Business
Abstract: The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is the “next big thing” and presents a unique opportunity for disruptive semiconductor development. End applications could range from ADAS, to 3D facial recognition, to voice and image processing, or to intelligent search. The SoCs for AI applications whether targeted for training or inference will have their own unique characteristics, but present quite common verification challenges that we will present in this session.
Supporting designs as big as 15 billion gates, Mentor’s Veloce Strato has unique virtualization capabilities that enable highly accurate pre-silicon execution of AI benchmarking applications like MLPerf. The Veloce Power App enables analysis of peak and average. We will cover how Veloce Strato and its supporting solutions are the best tool to help address the verification challenges of SoCs targeted for AI applications.3 Key Points:
  • Deterministic solution for AI chips verification
  • Full virtual solution for HW/SW verification
  • TERAOPS/Watt assessement prior silicon availability
Speaker Biography: Gabriele Pulini joined Mentor in 1991 and he’s part of the Emulation business unit within Mentor, a Siemens business. He’s responsible for the new business opportunities, with a particular focus on self-driving and artificial intelligence applications.


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