The Connected Vehicle

Semiconductors and Systems

Driving the growth of smart vehicles

Automotive industry partners are looking for advanced electronics systems for increased safety, better drive, less emission, even advanced road infrastructure. From sensors technology to advanced driving assistant to in-car infotainment – semiconductors are leading the evolution of smart vehicles, striving for zero accidents. At Tessolve, through silicon engineering, we are making vehicles safe, secure and reliable.

Automotive Advances

Tessolve’s Sectoral Achievement

Tessolve advances aftermarket solutions for passenger cars and heavy construction vehicles. We bring latest industry leading ARM processors and develop products adhering to CE standards especially for dashboard navigation/ADAS, HMI panels, Driver Console units, Pedestrian Detection systems etc.

Automotive Solutions

Ultrasonic Sensor ASIC
Speed Sensor ASIC, Angular Rate Sensor ASIC
Tablet for Driver Assistance
Car Access Security IC
Ultrasonic Sensor ASIC
V2X Modem IC, GPS Sensor Module
Capacitive Sensor ASIC, Infotainment System, Driver Assistance SOM, LCB Back Lighting
Pressure Sensor ASIC, Gasoline. Common Rail Diesel injection Sensor ASIC
Acceleration Sensor ASIC, DC to DC converter for ECU, 700V DC to DC Converter for Hybrid Cars

Our achievements in the automotive space

Embedded Systems

  • ADAS & Navigation system
  • HMI Panel For Heavy Construction Vehicles
  • Pedestrian detection system
  • Tablet-driver assistance
  • IoT based infotainment/connected car

ATE Test Solutions

  • ASIC sensors
  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • V2X modem
  • UHF/ASK Transceiver
  • Acceleration signal processing

PCB Solutions

  • Designs for: Biometrics, Acceleration, Systems Boards, Sensors
  • Through – Catilever, Dual site, Quad site, Octal site, Hexa site… upto 32 sites
  • Tri temperature testing

Chip Design

  • DC-DC converter for ECU application
  • LVDS transceiver for in-vehicle communications
  • Converter for hybrid car applications
  • Backlighting chip for car navigation
  • SoC – 14nm

Our Sector Expertise

Driving our efforts in design and development

Over the years, we have focused on in-car electronic systems as well as roadside infrastructure, developing advanced semiconductor solutions to address both. Our exposure to challenges and advances in the automotive sector has enabled us to bring innovative solutions for the sector along with fortifying our expertise.

Developing multiple solutions, we have gained significant expertise in automotive electronic devices.

  • Test solutions for V2X
  • Various Sensor ASICS that are used for automotive
  • Load Boards and Probe cards that are used for testing
  • Sensor and solutions for infotainment
  • BIB, Latch-Up and ESD equipment for reliability testing

Take automotive electronics to the next level for smart, safe and seamless driving experience.