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Tessolve is proud to announce the successful commissioning of a fully equipped test engineering lab in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, and Texas at Austin.

This is another landmark step to continue our successful journey toward helping customers achieve one of the best test engineering capabilities.

Our Test Floors represent Tessolve’s extensive breadth of testing services clubbed under one roof. The test floors have 24/7 technicians and operators available to increase tester utilization and optimize customer development cycle time. It is also equipped with probers and handlers to run low-volume production for engineering samples.

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Infrastructure is an investment, and Tessolve believes this sets us apart from the crowd. Our commitment to investing in state-of-the-art test systems for our labs shows this. Our test floors spread over 3000 + sq. ft. with multiple ATEs from Advantest, Teradyne, National Instruments, Handlers for the final test, Probers for wafer sort, along with Temperature forcing instruments as well as oscilloscopes and other instruments.

We offer customized testing solutions on our test floors, from prototype testing to final product industrialization. Our internal testers do not limit us.

These Labs are one of a kind to get the latest Advantest 93K ExaScale system. The latest Advantest V93000 EXA scale system in our Lab comes with PS5000 digital cards and high-power XPS256 power supplies capable of testing today’s High-performance computing devices with high power and high-speed requirements.

Our engineers are already developing test programs on Smartest 8, which is the backbone of the ExaScale system.

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Our Lab Services

  • Tester / Equipment rental
  • Characterization/data collection across PVT
  • Production testing
  • Turnkey Hosting Solution
    • •   Provide Lab Space with all needed support infrastructure to anchor customer-consigned Test cells.
    • •   Provide the workforce needed to test cells 24×7
    • •   Logistics support for device transportation
Austin Test labSan Jose Test Lab

Facility Details

3000+ SqFt of ESD Test floors to host 10 ATEs with Handlers & Probers

24 x 7 Secured & Controlled Environment

State of the Art Handler, Prober, Thermostream & ATC

Other standard support equipment, setup availability

Austin Test lab

Tester Specs IOs / VIs
Advantest V93000 EXA scale SX Test Head
4 X PS5000
6 X XPS256
1024 IOs
1546 XPS Ch
Advantest 93K SmartScale Compact Test Head
8X PS1600
1X DPS128
2X AVI64
1024 IOs
128 DPS Ch
128 AVI Ch

Tester Equipment Details

1# Advantest 93K ExaScale Tester

1# Advantest 93K SmartScale Tester

1# Each – Semics Opus3 Tri Temp Handler & Prober (12 Inch) – 93K Direct Dock

1# Each – Thermostream & SeaCobra – ATC for Tri Temp Char/Handtest

San Jose Test Engineering Lab

Tester Type Memory IOS Power
Advantest 93K smart scale STH test head Licenses available on request 1024 – PS1600 DPS128 X1
Advantest 93K Exascale SX test head Licenses available on request 1024 – PS5000 XPS256 X 2

It offers access to test engineering and program development experts and access to testers. The lab is equipped with the below test instruments :

  • Advantest 93k Smart scale – PS1600, MCE, DPS128, AVI64
  • Advantest 93k Exascale CX – PS5000 and XPS256
  • Teradyne ETS 364
  • Chroma, MPVI
  • Semics Opus 3 Tri Temp Probe
  • Chroma Handler
  • Temperature forcing unit – thermostream and TCU
  • Standard diagnostics equipment
  • Oscilloscopes, multimeters