Robust Test Levels

24/7 Testing Proficiency

Tessolve Test Floor

Best environment for optimal testing solutions

Infrastructure is an investment and Tessolve decided it was worth it. This is one-way Tessolve has chosen to differentiate itself from other service companies. Our test floor spreads over 3000 sq. ft. and houses the latest testing equipment – multiple ATEs, Handlers, Probers, Thermostreams to name a few. From prototyping to final product industrialization, we offer customized testing solutions on our test floor. We are not limited by our internal testers. Tessolve’s 700 plus test engineers have extensive expertise in multiple ATE platforms and product domains, providing solutions on over 30 ATE platforms. Our test floor represents the best environment to learn and experiment with semiconductor device test challenges.

Tessolve Testing Facilities

Advanced infrastructure excellence

  • 3,000 sq. feet of ATE Test Floor space
  • 2,000 sq. feet of Bench Characterization lab
  • Power back-up by UPS and DG
  • Chilled water cooling plant, compressed air & Vacuum source
  • ESD Controls like Anti-static flooring, Grounded equipment and ESD wrist strap checker
  • Controlled environment at 23oC ±2 oC
  • Dedicated Periodic Maintenance and Calibration team

Testing Platforms

Multiple testing platforms manned 24/7

Tessolve offers multiple platforms and testing equipment on its test floor, always manned by a team of experts addressing issues leveraging their industry expertise and exposure to multiple scenarios. This includes 24/7 maintenance and operator support.

In-house ATE Excellence

  • Advantest V93000 SoC series Smart Scale
  • Advantest V93000 SoC series Pin Scale-n L Class (LTH) & C Class (CTH)
  • Teradyne: Catalyst
  • Teradyne-Eagle: ETS364
  • Teradyne-J750
  • National Instruments: NI STS and STS-Tx Series
  • Teradyne: uFlex (Coming soon…)

Additional Test Engineering Expertise

  • Teradyne: J750: MicroFlex/UltraFlex/I Flex/Tiger & A575
  • LTXCedance: Sapphire, LTX MX, LTX-C ASL-1K
  • LTX Fusion HF
  • Advantest: T6575/T6373/T6752/T2000
  • Focused Test FTI 1000: Focused Test FTI 1000: Power Discrete

Back-end Equipment

Pillars of support for our testing needs

  • Systemation Tape and Reel
  • Peel Tester
  • Parts Counter
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Bake Oven
  • Strapper
  • Add-on Ink Marker