Defining The Sensory Edge

Sensing With Silicon

A multiverse of Chips and sensory modules

Smart vehicles to flight systems to medical devices – sensors have become indispensable across all industry verticals. Working with multiple industries, we have furthered our capabilities of designing and validating intelligent semiconductors and IP modules for motion sensors, environment sensors and optical microsystems. We bring the much needed edge in sensory equipment for advances to be realized by solution providers of the sector.


A 360 view of Tessolve capability

From mass transit systems to energy to smart homes, our silicon edge in sensors is multifold. As a result we have realized sensor product development across automotive, medical, consumer, industrial, security and surveillance.

Motion Sensors (Gyro, E-compass, Accelerometer, Proximity, Magnetometer)
Light Sensors (ALS)
Images Sensors: Camera (CMOS and CCD)
Biometrics (Finger Print, IRIS)
Industrial (Temperature, Humidity & Flow)

Our achievements in the world of sensors

Embedded Systems

  • AR Glass
  • POS Machine
  • Medical Display Systems
  • Infotainment Systems

ATE Test Solutions

  • ASIC sensors
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Air Mass
  • Gasoline Injection

PCB Solutions

  • Designs for: Application boards, Shuttle boards, microcontrollers

Our Sensory Edge

Design to test – smoother and swifter

Sensors are both complex and sensitive making standard ATEs not always the best solution. Tessolve has developed several custom solutions incorporating a low cost tester platform and additional box equipment to add customized capability. Contact us to hear more about our custom solutions!

Advance and enhance sensing technologies on the foundation of superior chipsets.