Private Trials – UX

When releasing a new product to customers it is essential to gain initial feedback on the experience from friendly users. Managing this trial and gaining valuable insight can be extremely difficult.

Tessolve has developed an innovative solution that utilises a crowd testing community to create a specific group of users matching your exact requirements, allowing an invaluable insight into your products performance from real users in the real world.


  • Bespoke crowd of testers in the real world
  • Matching your exact customer requirements including (but not limited to): location / demographics / devices / platforms.
  • Real users that are testers, that are incentivised to find and raise valid defects
  • Gain confidence your customers will be delighted with the product

Example Engagement Scenario

  • IOT Health Fitness Tracker: The customer wanted to gain feedback on the products performance with real users across the globe, using the device in their day to day lives. A private trial UX was established and a crowd built to meet the requirements and delivered to ensure the client received maximum customer experience feedback.
  • Smart Metering: A smart metering company wanted to understand the exact performance of a new communications hub before rolling it out across a vast customer base. A private trial UX was established and a crowd built to meet the exact location and demographics specified, allowing the client to fully understand the performance of the product in a variety of housing.

Tessolve can also work with clients to help ensure the correct security features are built into devices at the outset and processes to assist with ongoing maintenance and updates.

Crowdsourced Testing with Tessolve

Tessolve global crowd of 55,000 expert testers across 145 countries, benefits include:

  • Management of the remote workforce, with summary reports on bugs found
  • Detailed defect reporting including: process description, results, frequency and screenshots
  • Combine a Tessolve Software Testing team for all your onsite testing requirements with Crowd Software Testing

Additional information on Tessolve Crowdsourced Testing services.

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