Enabling Future Of Connected Healthcare

Connecting The Silicon Dots

Medical devices re-imagined

Better healthcare delivery to quicken the commercialization of life-saving products – connected, seamless and enhanced medical devices are realizing the needs of the sector. From miniaturization to interconnectivity and reliability – Tessolve is partnering with healthcare solutions providers, fortifying the bridge between silicon to software. Machine to machine communication with Wi-Fi, embedded systems for advanced imaging and monitoring devices, concept to manufactured products – we are at the center of system engineering for healthcare.

Healthcare Product Engineering

Silicon enhancements to point of care applications

Wearable health devices to hospital monitors, we pillar the production of next-gen healthcare equipment. We have the expertise to completely customize the Android OS and adhere to established standards and qualifications for product development.

Medical Display: cost effective Android based display panel for portable ultra sound scanner device
Product development as per safety standards required for medical domain
Customizable Android OS as per the IEC standards of display device qualification
Product conceptualization to development for the global cost sensitive market

Our capabilities in
healthcare devices

Embedded Systems

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Portable Ultrasound Scan
  • Pulse Oximeters

Healthcare Verification and

Testing Services

The healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace as organisations are tasked with delivering a patient centred healthcare system, that is fully interoperable and that meets the needs of an ageing population.


Our Sector Expertise

Platform superiority with engineering prowess

Partnering for a multitude of needs of medical solutions providers, right from design ideas to testing and validation, we are accelerating the pace of medical component engineering. In compliance with standards of regulatory bodies such as HIPAA and FDA, our product design, verification, sustenance validation ensures quality devices for quality healthcare support.

Lead healthcare device innovation for quicker drug commercialization and better patient care enabled with real time patient monitoring everywhere.