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Tessolve is partnering with healthcare solution providers. Embedded system designs at Tessolve are tested with various monitoring devices and sensors, this would lead the Tessolve to provide effective solution for providing specialty healthcare using internet based services and cost-effective methods for the end-users.

Our capabilities in
healthcare devices

Embedded Systems

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Portable Ultrasound Scan
  • Pulse Oximeters

Wearables Story

Tessolve has developed a medical patch wearable solution for one of its Partner based on a secure Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology. The unique secure and reusable medical patch solution for connected healthcare provides body temperature, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and heart rate monitoring for remote patients.

This wearable patch solution is specially developed keeping in mind the COVID 19 patients and this is also driven by the growing demand of wearable devices in today’s era. The COVID 19 infected patients need to be continuously monitored for body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2). Tessolve with its partner have introduced this innovative low-cost, slim-profile, turnkey medical patch reference design solution to remotely monitor patients, thereby adequately reducing the attender’s exposure to the COVID patient.

  • BLE connected wearable watch with temperature & heart rate monitoring sensors
  • System built in industry’s leading ARM cortex M0/M4 MCU
  • 7”/10” display based Telemedicine tablet W/touch screen & camera.
  • System built on Industry’s leading ARM cortex A53.
  • BLE connected wearable isole with health monitoring sensors for pedo biometric use cases.
  • System built on Industry’s leading ARM cortex M0/M4 MCU