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The Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Conservative estimates suggest that by 2020 over 200 billion connected sensor devices will be in use.

The consumer “Internet of Things” is now a reality. Connected devices create an increased level of intrusion, generating new types and unprecedented quantities of data, raising potential quality and security issues. There is a vast range of competing current and emerging IoT standards causing fragmentation in the market. Some of the competing IoT standards and consortiums are shown below:

  • onem2m
  • IETF
  • ITU
  • IEEE
  • Open Interconnection
  • ZigBee Alliance
  • AllSeen Alliance
  • AllJoyn
  • Wireless IoT forum
  • Industrial Internet Consortium
  • GSMA
  • Thread

IoT Lab and Certification Process

Tessolve IoT lab and certification process allows companies to ensure their products conform against the latest industry standards and rigorous testing best practices. The IoT certifications include:

Tessolve IoT Network Testing / Certification


Tessolve IoT Security Testing / Certification


The Tessolve IoT Lab

Tessolve IoT lab has the capability to re-create real world scenarios in a controlled manner. The lab can simulate a wide range of network conditions including: RF testing, cell handovers, low signal strength, protocol analysis, moving between 2G, 3G and LTE or Wi-Fi.

Why Choose Us?

The Tessolve IoT Testing services are built on our deep understanding of the latest test, verification and security methodologies combined with years of practical experience working with networking protocols, network IP and related test equipment.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Save Time and Money
  • World-class Expertise
  • Independent and Impartial
  • Global Support
  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • Local and Offshore Resources

At Tessolve we always follow through on our commitments and stay clear on timescales. We know how to balance your budget with your project objectives. We are always diligent in our approach and flexible to your changing requirements as we understand how critical our services can be to your business success.

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