IoT Bricks

Building Blocks to Your IoT Solutions


The Anatomy Of IoT Bricks

Seamless and Secured

Ready-made secure building blocks of hardware and software modules. They are directly used as an application solution or individually integrated with 3rd party technologies for customized solutions.


IoT Bricks In Practice

Connectivity Modules

Compact Engineering For A Range Of Applications

Tessolve offers a wide variety of PCB mountable connectivity modules for different kinds of IoT applications. All the modules are engineered with compact footprints, digital, ADC, and PWM I/O, with critical features support like OTA and Security. All modules are well supported with SDK, libraries, and ready-made firmware for different applications.

Multi-Protocol BLE5.0/Zigbee/Thread

  • Multi-Protocol BLE5.0 Mesh, Thread, Zigbee simultaneous functional support.
  • BLE Long Range support.
  • Easy PCB mountable for rapid prototyping.
  • Available in Chip and U.fl Antenna options.
  • OTA upgrade support.
  • Based on Nordic nrf52840.


  • BLE 5.0 Mesh support.
  • Easy PCB mountable for rapid prototyping.
  • Available in Chip and U.fl Antenna options.
  • OTA upgrade support.
  • Based on Nordic nrf52832.


  • Support Direction finding with Antenna array.
  • Easy PCB mountable for rapid prototyping.
  • OTA upgrade support.
  • Based on Nordic nrf52811


  • 802.11b/g/n support.
  • Easy PCB mountable for rapid prototyping.
  • FOTA upgrade support.
  • Based on Espressif 8285.

Sensors & Controllers

Application Specific Sensory Edge

Tessolve offers a wide variety of application-specific sensors and controller boards compatible with connectivity modules offered. Each sensor and controller comes with third-party enclosures, making it easy for customers to quickly integrate with their application. Each is well supported with ready-made application-specific firmware.

Light Control Card

  • Wireless Control Card with Pluggable Tessolve Connectivity Modules on BLE 5.0 Mesh, Zigbee, Thread and Wifi.
  • Control Luminaires Relay ON/OFF, 0-10V Analog Dimming, PWM and Dali.
  • Sensor Port RJ11 based to connect Tessolve’s Motion+Daylight sensor for fully automated control.
  • Comes with built-in full fledged application firmware.

Multi-modal Occupancy Sensor

  • RJ11 interfaced PIR Motion Sensor with Detection angle 90 Degree and Detection range 5m.
  • Plug and Play with Tessolve’s Wireless Light Card.
  • Comes with Optional Daylight Sensor and Temperature Humidity Sensor.

Battery Operation Ambient Sensor

  • Wire-free sensor operating on Coin Cell battery with battery life close to 4 Years.
  • Measures Temp+Rh, Light Levels.
  • Can be Wall, Ceiling, Table Top mounted.
  • Available in BLE5.0, BLE Direction Finder, Thread and Zigbee.
  • Suitable for Indoor Automation systems for Lighting and Air-Conditioning.

Asset Tags With Optional Sensors

  • BLE 5.0 Mesh/BLE Long range tags for Asset Tracking.
  • Coin Cell operated with Battery life of upto 5 Years.
  • Compact Form Factor.
  • Can be attached to both Movable and Fixed assets.


Window For Module-based Platform Designs

Modular connectivity, hardwired security, ruggedized industrial gateways. Customers can easily build any kind of connectivity platform using Tessolve-diversified module offerings. Gateways are well supported with SDKs with all kind connectivity drivers, device management, data management and secured communication brokers.

Server/Cloud Backend

Software Packages Boosting Storage Device Capabilities

Tessolve provides ready made backed software packages well designed to take care of high volume of devices management, communication and data management. These services are provided and well supported for stand-alone server and Cloud (AWS and Azzure).

Device On-boarding and Certificate Management

  • Automated security certificate generation and management.
  • Fully automated device on-boarding system from factory to inventory.
  • Easy to manage device identity, classifications and diversity.

Device Communication

  • Supports secured MQTT and HTTP communication.
  • Supports real-time and offline data backup.
  • Pre-Defined built in two way communication topics and models for sensor and control.
  • High throughput and volume connection feasibility.

Data Validation, Storage and Normalization

  • Programmable data validation layer.
  • Low cost high throughput data storage.
  • Scalable and flexible architecture for future device innovations.
  • Visualisation tool bench against time and space for real time data.
  • Extensive APIs on different data analytics use cases.

Data Fusion and Aggregation

  • Built-in libraries with easy to use APIs for extensive data fusion for heterogenous sensor systems.
  • Built-in APIs for different easy to use mathematical functions supporting extensive data analytics.
  • Data aggregation over real-time physical data combined with user defined logical entities supporting multitude of business logics.

User Interfaces

Web-based Managements For Varied Dashboards

User interfaces for web/mobile-based dashboards, control panels, charts, registrations, voice-controllers, etc. are provided off-the-shelf. For ready-made available solutions, Tessolve provides complete web-based management systems.

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