Tessolve solidifies its
Silicon Design solutions
with the acquisition of

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Demonstration of
TERA Device

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Tessolve Team At NXP Tech Day

Tessolve Commits
To Silicon Valley
Progress With Its
New Test
Engineering Lab

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AI Tessolve

Tera drA.I.ve : DynamoEdge
& Tessolve’s Synergy Towards
Sophisticated AI

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Tessolve Digital Map

Delivering Value Globally
With Local Root

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Redefining The Threshold Of Semiconductor Technology

Our partnership with Hero enables us to become a stronger turnkey solution provider
by expanding our services portfolio and investing in development of our technology expertise.
We plan for tomorrow’s customer in 5G, Autonomous driving, Artificial Intelligence
and Virtual Reality.

Silicon Engineering

Experience Excellence

Chip Solutions

Providing customers with innovative, customized chip development solutions to meet the demands of advanced technology, from design to production.

Hardware Solutions

Development and delivery of ATE, System and Eval boards with added support of library development and simulation services.

Software Solutions

Data analytics, yield management, and QA support ensure a tighter feedback loop between test and product engineering resulting in optimized solutions.

Embedded Solutions

Blending our silicon and systems expertise to deliver full product solutions that includes design engineering, manufacturing supply chain, and life-cycle management.

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Smart Lab

ATE & Systems
Test Floor


Where Engineering Meets Infrastructure

Tessolve continues to invest in infrastructure to support
customers as a turnkey solution provider.

Allows us to ramp quickly and build customized teams to
customer requirements by building flexibility into our workforce
with training across ATE platforms.

It gives our engineers the unique opportunity to build expertise
from the bench to reliability to production quality test.

Infrastructure is an investment Tessolve made to ensure
theoretical knowledge is converted to practical experience.



We Chip In Transforming Every Sector


Silicon engineering in the driver’s seat, leading the automotive revolution towards smart vehicles.


Re-imagining flight systems powered by advanced technology for safer and better in air experience.

Consumer Electronics

We transform the way appliances work with our engineering prowess to transform the lives of millions.

Industrial Connectivity

Increasing the reach of internet of things realized by silicon engineering progress.


Our technology brings healthcare delivery to the next level ensuring hindrances in healthcare are mitigated.


Advances in technology enabled by engineering capability means a whole new sensory system.

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