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The healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace as organisations are tasked with delivering a patient centred healthcare system, that is fully interoperable and that meets the needs of an ageing population.

The opportunities for IT systems to revolutionise healthcare are vast. In the future increased connectivity between systems, devices, and medical services will create unprecedented quantities of patient data and monitoring capabilities. However, this increased level of connected devices in turn raises potential quality, safety, and security issues for the healthcare industry.There have been some very public examples of malware attacks effecting healthcare organisations around the world such as the WannaCry ransomware. It is essential the healthcare industry embraces the benefits of IT but also protects against the increased security and safety risks.

The Tessolve Solution

Tessolve helps healthcare organisations around the world deliver products and services that are reliable, safe, and secure.

Case Studies

The following are Tessolve case studies showing our work in safety critical embedded medical software, medical mobile apps and medical data security

Why Choose Us?

The Tessolve Healthcare services are built on our deep understanding of the latest test, verification and safety methodologies combined with years of practical experience working with our customers to deliver critical healthcare systems, covering both hardware and software.

At Tessolve we always follow through on our commitments and stay clear on timescales. We know how to balance your budget with your project objectives. We are always diligent in our approach and flexible to your changing requirements as we understand how critical our services can be to your business success.

Conference Presentation

Cyber Security of Medical Devices

Presented at the Theatres & Decontamination Conference (March 14, 2018. UK)

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