Fintech Testing

FinTech is short for Financial Technologies and is the term used to represent the digitalisation of traditional financial services. FinTech technologies are undoubtedly going to disrupt and define how financial services operate in the future. The FinTech model creates several technical challenges for testing and QA. A typical FinTech startup delivery approach is fast paced, agile and extremely customer focused.

Tessolve are helping FinTech organisations around the world deliver products and services that are reliable, safe, and secure. Our consultants are trained to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing.

FinTech Testing Expertise with Tessolve

  • Security – don’t wait to come under attack, build in application security from the start.
  • Data Quality – ensure data is correct / secure / and compliant to the latest regulations.
  • Continuous integration – implement the right automation framework to meet your objectives.
  • UX user experience testing – provide first class UX experience.
  • Performance – ensure your platform / services continue to work at peak times.


  • Increase quality whilst in parallel reducing the amount of effort and cost spent on managing the testing.
  • Establish good working cooperation between development and test to maximise the benefit of any automation strategy.
  • Automation Centre-Of-Excellence that has enabled Tessolve to build a wealth of automation expertise and experience
  • Measurably improve quality of software by adding independence in the testing process

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