Digitization Solutions

With Edge AI, IoT Platforms,
Cloud Technologies

The pandemic crisis in the recent past has rattled the supply chains of many industries by impacting the global economy. This unprecedented situation amid COVID 19 has driven many companies to evaluate their business strategy and check digital transformation as the new normal of business in a contactless world. Tessolve has been enabling customer success with its unique digitization solutions. Through various platforms, technologies, modules, firmware, and software support, we provide a cutting-edge experience to our customers throughout their digitization roadmap.

Tessolve Digitization Solutions

Tessolve can support you as a system integrator in Digitization accelerating your developments:

From idea to product, you can pick any of the development stages (feasibility study, proof of concept, design, POC to industrial phase, Qualification & Certification, production support, and lifetime management)

Tessolve is a One-Stop-Shop services provider covering all competencies required for your digital transformation: AI, IoT platforms, and cloud solutions UI interfaces to access cloud.

From sensor to cloud, Tessolve is a complete technology provider:


Platforms with gateway, sensors, controllers

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Edge Al

To transform your IoT sensors to smart devices, powered by Neural Network and enabling predictive maintenance, audio scene classification, OCR, Image Classification and much more

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Cloud technologies

To make your system available anywhere through the web app or mobile app

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Tessolve Digitization Benefits

Tessolve a unique player providing a One Stop Shop solution:

  • Covering all aspects of Embedded digitization (EdgeAI – IoT platforms – cloud)
  • Based on technologies on the shelf
  • Industrial ready solutions
  • From idea to product including qualification, industrialization and production

Flexible Engagement model – you can select which model is having best fit based on your business, economic and technical constraints:

  • Consultancy
  • Off-shore design center
  • Fix Price development, which can also include production of your device

Our technologies are processor agnostics:

  • MCU, MPU, SoC + GPU platforms based on your processing requirements
  • Best trade-off between performance, reliability, power efficiency & unit price solutions
  • Several Semiconductors Partnership (STM, MTK, NXP, Qualcomm)

Tessolve is associated with solid investors:

  • Solid investor’s structure and excellent financial stability
  • Tessolve can manage significant and long-term product developments

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