Design Verification Methodologies

Target Audience

  • Design Verification Engineers
  • Design Verification Managers
  • Design Engineers wanting to understand more about verification
  • Companies trying to move to the latest verification techniques and strategies


  • 1 day of lectures interactive style with full demonstration of case study features as detailed below (participants actively contribute but no hands-on work with tools)


  • None, the case study demonstration will be written so that the class does paperbased activities but the instructor will write the code and run simulations on their machine
  • This will mean that no prior knowledge is required and will also speed up the class

Case study

  • The course will use a small stack or queue design as an example throughout the day
  • Materials used in the case study (such as incomplete and full specifications, directed tests, pseudo-random tests, etc.) will be prepared in advance and used as demonstrations
  • During the day attendees will be asked “are you ready to ship?” This is to make the point that as verification engineers and managers they will be asked to make such judgment calls throughout the project and will need to make a call based on incomplete information.

Course Content & Additional Information

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