Software Testing

The demand for ever shorter software development cycles and the almost daily increase in platform, device or browser permutations means the traditional in-house testing teams are at breaking point. Nobody wants to adopt the ‘Push & Pray’ philosophy, but what’s the solution? Crowdsourced software testing.

Crowdsourced software testing can complement your existing testing processes to help you ensure your next software release has been adequately tested and is free of business-critical issues. Imagine hundreds of experienced, professional testers around the world discovering and highlighting issues across your applications, on all the devices your customers use and reporting these in real time. Helping to protect your brand image whilst increasing customer experience and satisfaction.

Reasons to Use Crowd Testing

  • Access to a global community of 55,000 certified real-world testers.
  • Delivering 90 working days of testing in just 72 hours
  • Reduce testing times whilst increasing test coverage
  • 250+ combinations of platforms / devices / browsers
  • High quality reporting, enabling you to focus on what needs immediate attention
  • On demand when you need it flexible service model

Crowdsourced Testing Services

  • Functional (Exploratory, Scenario or Scripted)
  • Usability Assessments
  • Security Testing
  • Localisation Testing
  • Accessibility Testing


Product Launch Approval

Utilise the crowd experience and diversity to protect your brand and essential customer experience. In 72 hours (90 man days of testing will be performed) providing a product launch approval report, highlighting key concerns, giving essential confidence the product is ready to launch.


Conversion Rate Validation

Enable the power of the crowd to perform a fast and effective review of your digital shopping experience and purchase conversion issues.


Private Trials UX

Build a bespoke crowd of real-world testers to meet your exact requirements. Trial your product and gain essential feedback before your customers utilize the product.


User Experience Testing

Focus on optimising user experience. Identify your target demographics, hand-selecting matching members from our crowd software testing and user community to imitate your customer base.


Crowd Testing with Tessolve

Tessolve global crowd of 55,000 expert testers across 145 countries, benefits include:

  • On demand flexible testing service, with quick ramp up.
  • Management of the remote workforce, with detailed reporting.
  • Combine Tessolve Software Testing team for all your onsite testing requirements with Crowd Software Testing
  • Tessolve create services to meet your business and project needs, delivering exceptional quality.

Is Your Website or Mobile App Losing You Money?

It is essential to understand how your customers interact with your digital products since the chances of a potential customer returning to your site or application after a negative experience are zero. To ensure your customer engagements are positive Tessolve offer a wide range of innovative solutions that combine traditional and modern testing approaches to ensure your customers have the best possible experience when interacting with your products.


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