Consumer Devices

Rise Of An Intelligent Ecosystem

Smart Chips

Transforming applications to be smarter

Consumers today, expect their devices and appliances to be smarter and interconnected besides functional efficiencies. From kitchen appliances to home entertainment systems and utilities, consumer electronics is transforming to smart electronics. Supporting this transformative change, Tessolve has leveraged it’s design and development capabilities. Chips for ULP technologies of Bluetooth and wireless electronic peripherals, ANT/ANT+ connectivity devices, advanced microcontrollers, media processors and high-end microprocessors – we have brought functional capabilities of consumer electronics at a whole new level.

Consumer Electronics

Embedding the innovative edge

From smart lighting systems to home security – we foster end-user experience with products based on latest ARM processor platforms with Android Operating systems. Tessolve has in-house strong expertise in Android BSP, API & Framework customization capabilities.

Strong expertise on Android BSP and AP
Extensive framework customization capabilities
Connected entertainment devices for SMART media applications
ARM processor based designs with Android BSP
Hardware and Android Low-Level software BSP and API development
Production handling and complete product lifetime management

Our achievements in consumer electronics

Embedded Systems

  • Energy Meter Design
  • Power Supplies
  • IOT Devices

ATE Test Solutions

  • Mobile SOC with baseband processor and CODEC
  • DDR controllers
  • Network router chip
  • Home smart cell router – FSM Chip
  • RF Mobile transceiver
  • High Power Switches

Innovate and introduce an advanced cluster of smart electronics.