Cadence Collaborates with
Tessolve on Portable Stimulus

Steven Brown from Cadence recently sat down with Mike Bartley to get his insights into Portable Stimulus and the collaboration between the two companies. The following is a summary of that discussion. Read the original blog at Cadence.

The Cadence Connections Verification Program brings together a worldwide network of services, training, and IP development experts that support Cadence verification solutions. The program members help customer accelerate the adoption of new technologies and improve the productivity of verification teams, leveraging years of experience in re-usable verification intellectual property (VIP).

Tessolve can support Cadence customers around the globe. Read More

Why Portable Stimulus?

The Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) is an important step to achieving improved verification efficiency through both improved abstraction and reuse across hierarchy, project to project, and platform. Cadence provides Perspec, the #1 tool in the industry, and we see strong interest from our mutual customers to adopt PSS. We started talking about PSS with Cadence in 2017, and have been working with Perspec since then to learn more about PSS and expand our offering.

Mike Bartley

Founder & CEO, T&VS

What is unique about the Tessolve PSS offering?

During our work with customers, we’ve implemented a lot of reuse through VIP at the block level. Having done a lot of work at the SoC level, test reuse has been a key barrier to productivity. We see the major impact of PSS is at the SoC level, making stimulus portable across families of SoCs. It provides a way to abstract tests to make reuse more achievable across more dimensions of the project.

We also provide trained teams who can deploy the Perspec System Verifier PSS technology to get customers up and running a lot more quickly. And therefore to realize the benefits and reduce time to market significantly.

Tessolve are ideally placed to provide expert, independent advice to our clients on the use of PSS and to undertake verification projects based on the growing number of tools that support the standard. Find out more.

Where can customers talk to Tessolve about Portable Stimulus in 2018

  • PSS Seminar, Bangalore – February 13: At the Cadence’ PSS seminar
  • DVCon, USA – February 26 – March 1: At the Accellera tutorial “Portable Test and Stimulus & Panel
  • CDNLive, San Jose – April 10-11: Presenting “Delivering on the Promises of Portable Stimulus”
  • CDNLive EMEA, Germany – May 7-9: Presenting “Delivering on the Promises of Portable Stimulus”

PSS and the Reuse Revolution

In a recent technical article authored by Mike Bartley (Test and Verification Solutions) and senior solution architect, Sharon Rosenberg (Cadence) outline the user benefits and impact of applying PSS technology. Read the Article.

How Can Tessolve Help with Portable Stimulus?

Tessolve are a leading expert in test and verification and having worked on numerous complex test and stimulus projects and are therefore ideally placed to provide expert, independent advice on the use of Portable Stimulus and to undertake verification projects based on the standard. Read More: Tessolve and Portable Stimulus