In order to cope with the increasing complexity of products and the shortening market windows, companies must continuously improve their test and verification activities. Tessolve helps companies to do this through the use of the Tessolve strategy, methodology reviews or through specific management help on projects.

Tessolve have developed a unique benchmarking process, asureMARK that gives structure to the review process and enables companies to make continuous improvements to their test and verification environments by identifying the key enhancement actions required. Tessolve have presented the asureMARK process at several key industry conferences and a technical paper is available here.

The Benchmarking Process

Using detailed interviews and observations the Tessolve consultants can identify the maturity level, one of Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantified or Optimising for the Ownership, Visibility and Execution of 13 key verification process areas.

Verification Process Areas

  • Specification and design
  • Functional Verification Planning and Scenario Creation
  • Block level testing
  • Top level stress testing
  • System level testing
  • Regressions
  • Metrics, coverage and closure
  • Checkers
  • Properties
  • Configuration control
  • Bug tracking
  • Reviews
  • Organisational Capability
  • Debug

The results are then presented as a spider diagram for analysis. An example is shown below.

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