A Broad Portfolio of Flexible and
Configurable Verification IP

asureVIP™ is a highly flexible and configurable verification portfolio which can be easily integrated into any complex digital SoC verification environment. Written natively in System Verilog or the e language for optimum performance, all of our VIP components are OVM/UVM or eRM compliant and can be provided as source code under our Flexible Licensing Model.

Flexible VIP Business Models

  • Licensing Model
  • Bespoke VIP Development
  • VIP Co-Development
  • VIP Enabled Services

The standard asureVIP portfolio covers five major verticals and Tessolve is also able to undertake bespoke VIP development:


All our ARM-based VIPs are highly optimized and proven to help customers exhaustively verify bus interconnects.

  • AMBA AXI (Advanced eXtensible Interface)
  • AMBA AXI Lite
  • AMBA ACE (AXI Coherency Extensions)
  • AMBA APB (Advanced Peripheral Bus)
  • AMBA AHB Lite (Advanced High-performance Bus)
  • AMBA CHI (Coherent Hub Interface)


The Tessolve High-Speed VIP is well positioned to address the burgeoning verification needs of the mobile SoC market.


The asure VIP portfolio for MIPI is well positioned to address the burgeoning verification needs of the mobile SoC market.

Memory and Storage

With devices increasingly containing higher amounts of embedded/storage memory their verification has become a crucial step in SoC design.

Universal Serial IO

Tessolve specializes in providing highly flexible, independent and configurable VIP solutions for Serial IO protocols. Our customers have used our VIPs extensively to verify communications with low-speed devices.

Independent Verification Services

Tessolve can deliver an independent verification service that not only reduces development costs and time-to-to-market, but also improves product quality.

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To help our customers evaluate the quality of the Tessolve VIP solutions, we are pleased to make some unit-level code samples and documentation available.


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