Efficiently Manage and Report Test Case Runs

asureRUN is an EDA tool that provides an efficient way to manage test case runs and generate reports from a single window. It supports the simulation platforms: Questa from Mentor and Cadence.

Run Manager automates tasks that normally require manual intervention and so can minimize errors in test set-up and management. Run Manager focuses valuable engineering time on the critical tasks of finding and fixing bugs rather than worrying about the administrative task of running and reporting on test cases. Run Manager improves turnaround times for achieving coverage milestone.

Features Supported

  • Compile both RTL and TB files
  • Run the user selected test cases or regressions
  • Generate coverage reports in HTML format
  • Select Command or GUI mode of operation

Tool Options

  • Compile Button: Compile the database mentioned in the configuration file.
  • Run Button: Provides the option to simulate without compilation. It is possible to run a single test case itself
  • Regression Button: This button provides the option to run the regression without compilation. By default, simulation is running in the command-line mode. After the end of regression, it will send mail to the user.
  • Recompile Button: Compile followed by Run for single test case
  • Recompile-Regression: Compile followed by Run for multiple test cases.
  • Support Mailing Option
  • Test case Status Window:
  • Fail test case option to show the error message details.
  • Clear option to clear test case status window.
  • Iteration Control:
  • Individual test case needs iteration support
  • Iteration number should not be common for all the test cases
  • Seed value configuration option
  • Support for Command line option
  • Tools Supported: Questa and Cadence

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