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Don’t Wait Until You Come Under Attack – Build-in Application Security

Conventional security investments concentrate on perimeter defences such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, but this network-biased approach is now vulnerable as malicious attackers target the applications and can outwit and breach perimeter defences. This means the security battle can be lost if applications are not designed, coded, and tested to defend themselves.

Web Application Security with asureSECUREThe asureSECURE application security testing services bridge the crucial security gap between perimeter defences and penetration testing, with our deep defence approach resulting in self-protecting applications that deny access to attackers when the network boundary is breached.

  • Context-based Security Coaching of project teams
  • Permanently relocates security knowledge from expert silos to project teams
  • Bridges the gap between perimeter defences and undirected Penetration Testing
  • Replaces ‘Passive’ testing with ‘Assertive’ testing techniques

By Coaching your teams we can provide them with the knowledge they require to start incorporating security throughout the project life-cycle and focus on delivering applications that do what you want them to, while stopping attackers doing what they want to.

To help companies efficiently and effectively address the threat of security vulnerabilities Tessolve has designed a comprehensive suite of Security Packages. These customisable packages cover training, coaching, testing and security reviews that combine to ensure your management, development and testing staff have the right information and skill-sets to be able to build effective security defences directly into applications.

The asureSECURE consultancy, coaching and testing services help you build systems that are secure through Design, Coding, and Testing.


Begin with the end in mind. Application Security is a strategic risk. Tessolve helps Project Managers, Architects, and Analysts build embedded security into applications by design. Every project can include security designed as a win-win equation for all interested parties, not a nuisance to be worked around or a compliance afterthought. Using proactive and preventative application security asureSECURE design techniques avoids reactive and remedial tactical responses to strategic security issues.


asureSECURE helps developers and DBAs build applications that are secure by default through good coding practices and least trust policies. A full lifecycle approach doesn’t treat application security as a defensive perimeter to be addressed at a particular project stage. Security is a consideration in every step of engineering the product, from requirements specification through maintenance to final decommissioning and data storage. Secure coding is a vital component supporting the principle of defence in depth. All applications must be self-defending.


If the systems aren’t properly tested for application security, don’t be surprised if the designers and developers haven’t taken security as seriously as they should. asureSECURE helps testers and test managers understand how to test early and often for application security. Leaving security to external penetration testers at the end of development will not find all the vulnerabilities, any more than leaving systems testing to external testers at the end of the lifecycle would. Penetration testers are experts in pen-testing; you are experts in your system.

The asureSECURE Approach

asureSECURE helps companies develop the right mind-set to think like attackers trying to break application security and treating application security as part of the normal systems development and maintenance process rather than the costly alternative of reacting to a breach.

  • Application Security : Defence-in-depth against attackers, beyond the network-only approach.
  • Security by Design : Project Managers, Architects, and Analysts will learn to build security into applications by design.
  • Security by Coding : Developers and DBAs will learn to code and configure secure applications.
  • Security by Testing : Testers will learn to become less passive and more assertive in driving vulnerabilities out of applications
  • Coaching over training : Coaching is delivered within the specific context of the project and organisation, not as abstract generalisations.
  • Targeted Penetration Testing : Penetration Testers will be directed to specific verification tests, rather than unmanaged sweeps.
  • Application Sensors : Applications can include sensing features that will block and report malicious behaviour.
  • Code Scanning : Automated static and dynamic scanning of code for vulnerabilities.
  • Manual code inspection : Skilled human inspection of code for genuine vulnerabilities.
  • Outsourced Testing : Complement your test teams using the Tessolve Outsource and Offshore resources to fill resource gaps or reduce costs.

Assertive Testing

Assertive Testing is an important element of the asureSECURE offering and represents a paradigm shift in the organisational approach to security and uses proactive and preventative development techniques to avoid costly reactive and remedial responses to strategic security issues. Our Assertive Testing technique changes the paradigm which has to now established passive acceptance of poor security requirement specifications. Assertive Testers coached by Tessolve object if presented with requirements that only capture what the customer wants to do, and contain little to prevent attackers from doing what they would like to do through misuse. The Assertive Tester makes statements such as: “In order to test this system for security I need you to explain how and where un-trusted data is validated”. Using this approach enables security to be leveraged into projects by Assertive Testing which permanently changes the whole project team philosophy towards building secure applications.

Penetration Testing

asureSECURE offers cost-effective Penetration Testing that harmlessly mimics the investigations and attack vectors used by malicious hackers. We go beyond automated scanning and make intelligent use of tools combined with human expertise in our inspections.


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