Accessibility Testing

What accessibility testing? Your website or mobile application must enable customers to easily find information, purchase products or perform any number of business-critical tasks. There must be no barriers to customers purchasing products on your digital platforms. According to the World Health Organization as many as one billion of the world’s population have some kind of disability or impairment, which includes visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning and neurological disabilities.

The High Cost of Digital Discrimination

Failure to deliver fully accessible digital content means ignoring a billion potential customers and in recent years companies such as Netflix and Disney have faced lawsuits alleging their websites offer poor accessibility for the disabled.

Tessolve Accessibility Services

The Tessolve Accessibility Testing services will ensure that you meet the latest accessibility standards and support you through the product development life cycle. Tessolve provide comprehensive accessibility testing for web and mobile to confirm your products comply with standards and guidelines including: WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and ADA. Services include:

  • One stop solution for all accessibility needs
  • Product assessment & evaluation by accessibility experts
  • Compliance with accessibility laws and standards: WCAG 2.0, Section 508, ADA.
  • User tests executed with people with disabilities using assistive technologies
  • Accessible Media – make videos inclusive to all.
  • Training – Get an in depth understanding of accessibility & assistive technology.
  • Receive a detailed report of accessibility vulnerabilities


  • Help to identify accessibility goals
  • Real analysis of the barriers faced by users including people with disabilities
  • Ensure your digital products are compliant
  • Real target users mean you get genuine and relevant feedback.
  • Inclusive digital experience reduces risks and enables opportunities.

Accessibility Testing with Tessolve

  • On demand flexible testing service, with quick ramp up.
  • Management of the remote workforce, with detailed reporting.
  • Combine with Tessolve Software Testing team for all your onsite testing requirements.
  • Reports extracting key feedback points delivered in a clear and actionable plan
  • Tessolve create services to meet your business needs, delivering exceptional quality.

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