Security Testing

The security threats to business are significant and growing. These threats are increasingly varied and adaptable and risk exposing companies to income loss, data exposure, business disruption and loss in brand value.

The increased complexity and fragmentation of the technology used in web and connected applications, embedded systems, IoT devices and SoCs compounds the challenge of providing robust defences to the wide range of internal and external security risks that exist.

Tessolve have created a comprehensive suite of security services to help companies ensure that their IT infrastructure, applications and devices are secure and provide robust defences to security attacks. Our services include:

  • Application Security : Don’t wait until you come under attack – build security into you applications through security focused design, coding and test.
  • Penetration Testing : Cost-effective PenTesting that goes beyond automated scanning to harmlessly mimic the attack vectors used by malicious hackers and making intelligent use of the latest tools combined with human expertise.
  • Crowdsourced Testing :Access to over 55,000 certified testers 24/7 to ensure your next software release has been adequately tested and is free of business-critical issues.
  • Data Privacy and GDPR : Let the Tessolve Data Privacy testing experts guide you through the challenging general data privacy environment to ensure you protect your data and conform to the latest international regulations.
  • Hardware Security : Our range of hardware security services help you identify and resolve security weaknesses within your products before an attacker does.
  • IOT Security : The Tessolve IoT Lab and Certification process helps companies ensure that their products conform to the latest industry standards and security requirements.
  • Enterprise Mobile Security Management : Secure and deploy mobile applications on smartphones, tablets & IOT devices, including SureLock (Device Lockdown), SureFox (Secure Browser), SureMDM (Remote Mobile Device Management) and SureVideo (Digital Signage).
  • Training : A wide range of Secure Software Development, Security Testing and Coaching services that help you to develop your security skills.

Case Studies

Tessolve Helps Software Developer to Verify Their Medical Records Product


Tessolve Delivers IoT Security Testing for Manufacturer in the Oil & Gas Industry


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