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PDF Solutions, Inc.
PDF Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of yield improvement technologies and services for the IC manufacturing process life cycle. PDF Solutions offers solutions that are designed to enable clients to lower costs of IC design and manufacture, enhance time to market and improve profitability by addressing design and manufacturing interactions from product design to initial process ramps to mature manufacturing operations. Tessolve partner with PDF solutions in providing customers' with efficient product engineering services.

Evans Analytical Group®
EAG is the world's leading, fully integrated, independent laboratory network, providing high value expert analytical and testing services to a wide range of industries and end users. Tessolve partners with EAG in providing competitive and efficient Test engineering services to customers in the Bay Area-California-USA.

Salland Engineering
Salland Engineering is a privately owned, international technology company specializing in products, services and solutions that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing. Tessolve partners with Salland Engineering in providing cost effective testing solutions to customers on their existing ATE platforms by integrating compatible hardware instrumentations.

National Instruments
National Instruments offers a variety of products for testing common semiconductor devices, including ADCs/DACs, Power Management ICs, Wireless ICs and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices for both characterization and production environments. PXI and LabVIEW offer a flexible platform for taking custom, one-off measurements to quickly measure the performance of a chip. Tessolve partner with NI to develop Wafer and Final Test solutions on NI STS ATE for wide range of semiconductor ICs.

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